Are You An Influencer

In Business, Leadership by Stephen Rogers

Last month I asked who are those people influencing you in the areas of your life and were those influences positive or negative for growth?  I shared that every group or circle of influence have leaders that sway the decisions of the group.  I also encouraged you to find the right leaders that would have a positive impact on your choices.

Let me now go one step further. You are either now having an influence on or have the potential to influence others around you.  If you are a leader, is that influence for the better?  Or if you have the potential to influence, are you rising to the challenge to make a difference and impact those around you, or allowing others to impact your development?  In whatever group we choose to circulate in, the question you need to ask is “How Do I Matter”?  We make choices each day. Decisions to act or do nothing; to influence or be influenced; to lead or follow.

In choosing to lead, you are stepping up and taking on extra responsibility.  It is a proactive choice to influence someone else for the better.  Leadership is about building relationship and trust with people, to provide confidence they can willing follow.  If you have the desire to lead, but feel you don’t have the skills, let me encourage you to find a mentor or coach that will help you to choose one thing that will make a difference in your life this year.  You can start to make a difference today.

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