Leadership in most organisations have long-term ideas and aspirations of the future for their business; many even write them down with the intent of planning and implementation. The difficulty most organisations face is not in generating the concepts; it is actually two-fold. The first lies in the development of the plan with sufficient detail (timeframes, responsibilities, resources, stages) and clarity to cast the vision to the rest of the business, providing understanding, and creating a framework for the journey.


Our Strategic Planning consultant provides the long-term direction and guidance for the business going forward. It offers a broad landscape to show ideas and thoughts, that the business planning aspects take and refine into a specific configuration. It considers the long-term risk, change, and management system requirements. Our strategic planning services has to provide sufficient structure whilst allowing for innovation to be cultivated; it must allow for change and diversification.

The second barrier of strategic planning within many organisations resides in the lack of collaboration and agreement to work together to implement the plan. Personal agendas may out way the company’s strategy. The values and beliefs of the leadership have to be aligned, working together and with their teams to deliver the projected outcomes. A unified team is required to deliver the planned requirements.

At Beyond Your Horizon, we work with the senior leadership of the business to cultivate collaboration, helping to establish the common perspective, and assist the organisation in the development of the strategic and business planning development requirements to deliver their intended purpose.

We challenge leadership on how far they see the business into the future. We assess the culture of the organisation, and work with the leaders to bring alignment and corporate direction. We help businesses to see the journey; the natural obstacles and conditions that may be faced; and what resources and time may be required to achieve the plan. To succeed, businesses have to be deliberate in their purpose and dedicated to clear objectives. Your plan provides your direction.


Our business planning consultants provides the communication tool so all stakeholders understand the goals and objectives to work towards. As company strategic plans provides long-term (3, 5, 10 years) direction, Business Planning breaks it down to provide specific detail to keep you on the path and help navigate around obstacles that may present themselves. It identifies contingencies, outlines the tools needed, defines the skills and resources required to take the business to the next waypoint on its journey.

Business Planning, like Strategic Planning, requires regular review, monitoring of performance, and adjustment as required along the way. It requires the ownership by leadership and management for commitment, agreement and inspiration, providing an integral component to how the business is managed.

The experience from strategic planning consulting services provided by Beyond Your Horizon brings assurance that we are working to help you grow your business to be sustainable and efficient. We help leadership refresh their vision and facilitate organizational change to bring about transformation for the implementation of the strategies and plans. We assist the organisation in understanding their risks, ensuring the plans not just mitigate the risks, but capitalise on opportunities. Beyond Your Horizon supports the leadership to establish strong consultation and engagement across the business to ensure plans are optimised and implemented.

There is usually no finish line in the business world; it is defined in stages to the next achievement or opportunity. Businesses that do not plan tend to fail; let Beyond Your Horizon strengthen your business journey and help you transform.