Your Business is Our Business

We help your business get back on track to success.

How are we different?

It's not just a business transaction to us. We genuinely care about your business and want to see it succeed.  We establish trust with you, giving you confidence to find the best approach, keeping it simple and helpful.

What We Offer


Business Improvement

We evaluate the position of your business against your goals and ambitions, and give a clear plan to get you realigned with those goals.

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We assess the current state of your culture and work with you to build a strong foundation so your workplace and staff can thrive.

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Management Systems

We refine your current processes and help you build simple systems resulting in smooth workflows & greater efficiencies.

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We help you achieve

Clients that trust us


Why choose us?

Our clients connect with us to create a more effective business, empowering them to engage with their people and their customers, producing results.

Our skilled team evaluates the operation's efficiencies, providing honest feedback to issues, clear recommendations, and support for improvement.

Our experienced business consultants and coaches have worked with:

• Small Medium Enterprises, Nationals, and Multi-nationals across all industries

• CEOs/MDs, Boards and C-Suite, Senior Management

• Teams and individuals providing guidance and improvement

• All types of management systems

• Certification bodies and their clients

What our clients say

Beyond Your Horizon provided a pragmatic approach to our EHS and Supply Chain improvement program, engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders taking a holistic view to incorporate a range of business efficiencies
Beyond Your Horizon assisted in transitioning our Business Management System across our national operations, coaching our staff and senior management in viewing our business with new perspective.
Keolis Downer
Beyond Your Horizon provided a breadth of experience in business improvement, and challenged our thinking.
Bandag (Bridgestone Group)

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