Business Assessment Questionnaire

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  • Without a clear analysis of the existing status of your business, it’s difficult to justify any allocation of time and resources necessary to identify and undertake actions that you feel might be worthwhile.

    The following questionnaire has been designed to help you rate your business in relation to an ideal business, the one we all wish we had, and objectively evaluate the strengths and development needs. We have identified these key areas of business operations that contribute to business success, profitability and balance. Answer each question and rate your business from Strongly Disagree through Strongly Agree in the scoring columns based on the degree that you feel you have accomplished. Once submitted, you will be given a link to book your 15-minute free session to discuss the results.

    Thank you for taking the time to assess your business. You are taking a significant step in transforming your business by simply answering the questions honestly (your actual state, not where you hope it is). I look forward to going through the results with you in the near future.
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