Communication – Critical to business success

In Business, Business Management, Coaching, Improvement, Leadership by Stephen Rogers

I read a recent article in SIA’s OHS Professional magazine regarding communicating workplace safety.  The article was generally good, although the author missed a key point.  I appreciate that the article was for a safety magazine, however communication goes across all aspects of the business.

I have found in general there are two critical requirements within any business, and one of these is communication.  Being able to provide clear channels for delivery of information horizontally and vertically can make a business (or a family, or any organisation of people) function better and more efficiently.  Having people work or live in isolation of information causes uncertainty and doubt, allows deviation from expected requirements, and creates silos.

Effective communication takes effort. It requires the use of various media sources, with consistency of message, in order for all learning types to be considered. Communication provides the groundwork and foundation for consultation and engagement because it produces trust.  When done well it forms the backbone of many other processes in the business.

So if it is as important as I have stated above, why don’t we as individuals and businesses spend more effort in communicating.  Well because it does take effort, and time, it requires planning, the message might be misunderstood, misconstrued or taken out of context, because we believe people don’t need to know, or it is too hard to explain.  A 2013-2014 study by Towers Watson  identified that companies with high effectiveness in change management and communication are three and a half times more likely to significantly outperform their industry peers than firms that are not effective in these areas.  So to me it is a topic worthy of investment.  So what are you going to do about it, and when are you going to take that step?

Are you wondering what the other critical requirement is that I mentioned above? Well that will be the next point of discussion.

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