What is your degree of Comfort?

In Business, Culture, Risk Management by Stephen Rogers

I see many organisations doing the same things day after day, year after year, content with where they are and what they are achieving.  When I look inside a business I am there to see the potential, the opportunities for greater, and it becomes difficult to convey that outlook to Executive and Senior Management if they are comfortable with what the business is doing.

We usually become comfortable or complacent when there is no motivation to act; no competition taking market share, no new technology or innovation, customers aren’t driving us to perform better or reduce costs.  The problem with being comfortable is there is no proactive assessment to look for change in the market or industry, and when something does come along to push us, its too late to catch up.  For a business to be sustainable, it must keep pushing the envelope to new levels, looking for new opportunities.

The same is true for us as individuals.  Our degree of motivation to improve and achieve is based upon the value of the benefits vs the input required.  Sometimes we don’t know how to go to the next level, or the influences of our peers (including the boss) isn’t sufficient to push us to new heights.

In the video below Marshall Goldsmith talks about why we are happy with good enough, and uses the analogy of personal trainers to drive physical goals.  The same coaching is necessary for professional development and improvement where there is limited motivation to reach the next level.

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