What Am I Doing to Change?

In Business, Improvement, Planning by Stephen Rogers

At the moment, each day, I have some time for reflection on not just what I want to do, but in who I am.  I have just gone through a significant birthday, which has probably also brought me to a point of considering what I have achieved and what I want to achieve for the rest of my life.   At work I consider myself to be an effective leader of those around me, trying to model the values of the business  with strategic planning, engaging in ongoing follow-up with co-workers, listening, receiving feedback, and trying to influence positive behavioural change.  However at home with my family and in other areas of life I don’t necessarily see the same consistent values in practice.

I am competitive, I want to be right, and I sometimes do collect other people’s monkeys on my back, when I should just let them run wild.    I waste time and effort in doing this each day, week, month, year.  But my recent reflections have highlighted one thing.  I want to make a positive difference in every area of my life. 

In order to do that, I need to change.  I need to discard the things that don’t provide value, to learn new things that makes me the person I want and need to be.

Let me encourage you; it only requires minor changes each day (removal and addition) to steer your life in a new direction.  Each degree of change makes a significant adjustment to the final destination.  Grab a hold of the principles being shared in the video to set your life on a new course. And stop investing time in proving yourself to be right.