What are Your Current Habits

In Coaching, Culture, Improvement, Leadership, Mentoring by Stephen Rogers

We are finding ourselves in unusual times; working from home, out-of-work waiting for new opportunities, waiting for the restrictions to be lifted.  Our days are different from what we were experiencing two months ago.  We probably have spare time from not having to travel to work, or if we are not working, too much time on our hands.  Rest assured this time in history will pass and we will come out the other side with a different perspective.  But it is what we do now that will either help or hinder us when this is over.

We will start to develop habits; good and bad.  Our diligence in forming positive habits is essential.  Establishing good behaviours like getting up at the same early time, exercise, maintaining healthy eating habits, and keeping the work part of our mind active and engaged will set us up for a quick return to “normality”.  The cycle of poor habits and choices will be so much harder to break from.

For me, I have retained my morning walk and prayer time before sunrise, same healthy boring breakfast, undertaking tasks on the business, and developing myself through more reading and watching/listening to podcasts that are helping me as a person.  Projects around the house are also being done to be productive.  And yes, I am spending a little more time on watching other television, but more so to break up the tasks and let the mind relax just for a bit; not the “binge”.

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying, “Chains of Habit are too light to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken.”  It works equally for the positive or negative habits we form.  Established habits are so difficult to break, and require us to really hate the outcome to change them.  The habit of eating without the habit of exercise causes obesity, and we have to hate being obese enough to change either our eating and/or exercise.

Let me encourage you in this time, while you might have extra time, to be diligent in establishing the habits that will not only get you through this period, but will set you up for a quick return to whatever normalcy looks like beyond.  It requires regular repetition to establish or break a habit, so start doing something today to form the right habits for your future.  Sometimes we need help to keep us accountable for achieving our new goals and breaking old habits, so don’t hesitate to call on someone you trust to help keep you on the right path. I will share more on habits for potential next time.