Are You Reaching Toward Your Potential?

In Business, Culture, Improvement, Leadership, Planning by Stephen Rogers

Last time I shared on the habits we are forming at this time in isolation, and the challenges in forming and breaking bad habits when it comes to an end. But habits in general have the potential to make or break us.  Think about those goals in our personal and working lives, and what habits we might have formed to achieve them. For example, to stay at a steady weight or lose weight, our habits of exercise and observing what we eat are important. 

Similarly, if we want to be a great leader in our business, we have to develop habits that will achieve this, and keep us there.  This could be forming the habit of regularly reading leadership books from recognised authors, and listening to similar podcasts, feeding our souls on key principals that we can apply.  Our goals have to drive us to be passionate enough to change what we are currently doing, or not doing. Stop doing what doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

The best way to understand what your current habits are is to log how you use your time each day. Break your day out into 15-30 minute intervals and see what value there is in what you do.  Where do we waste time through procrastination, and how much of our time is spent in progressing toward the goals you have set. Or maybe you don’t have any goals set, with an actual plan; so develop one, even if it is only one goal. 

As Norman Vincent Peale stated, “All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do.”   Our goals should determine our habits, and if they currently aren’t, change them or break them.  Don’t wonder why your life is not progressing and your potential is not being reached.  Our positive habits will improve us, and hopefully inspire those around us to do something different.

How successful do you want to be?  Set realistic goals to achieve that success and develop the habits to stretch out. Imagine the skills and gifts that can be developed through creating new routines. Do something different today to set you in a fresh direction to attain what you might have only imagined.