To undertake the full WHSE risk assessment for the importation of the Airbus Eurocopter EC135, the associated Ground Support Equipment and parts stock, and the Simulation Training Equipment for the HATS project in Nowra on behalf of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  The HATS project required the development of a joint Navy/Army helicopter flight school at the Albatross Naval Base, with all new equipment and aircraft.  Historically, ADF would have been responsible for the importation of all components, and BDA would operate and maintain the equipment once established. However, the contract placed this responsibility with BDA and the knowledge and skills was not available in the business to perform the task.  Our Director, having worked previously for BDA, was engaged to undertake the WHSE risk assessment. As risk assessments were not available from Airbus or other manufacturers, a detailed assessment of the helicopter and its components, the GSE, parts stock, and some simulation devices was required. This required on-going consultation and engagement with the aircrew, maintenance, training and ADF personnel, manufacturers, and installers to produce the final end-products acceptable to BDA and ADF.  A large number of Safety-In-Design and acquisition flaws were identified and corrected during the risk assessment.  The project was completed successfully over two years.

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