The Business Cap = The Leadership Cap

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Have you found that your business is not growing like it used too?  Have you found that the number of employees, your revenue, or your customer base has peaked?  Nothing seems to be broken, sales are still good, relationships with stakeholders are positive; but the growth is not there or hasn’t been for a while.

The likely cause is that the business has grown to the experience or capability of its leadership.  A business can only grow to the extent that its leaders have grown.  If the leaders are not growing; in knowledge, experience, capacity or application; the business will similarly not grow.  I have seen too many Small and Medium Enterprises reach their limit because the owner has not invested in themself.

So, what can you do?  Leaders in these circumstances can grow by:

  • Reading business and leadership books that can provide insight into the next level of development (Authors: Maxwell, Chand, Sinek, Covey)
  • Listening to or watching podcasts, Ted Talks, or training courses prepared by Leadership greats
  • Being involved in other organisations (such as volunteering) or business forums where other skills may be learnt or imparted
  • Finding a Mentor or Coach that can provide growth steps and direction specific to you and the business

For the business to grow further, change has to occur, primarily changes within the Leaders.  What will you do today as a Leader to keep growing?  The beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to make the decision and develop a plan to grow yourself and your business.


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