Leadership is NOT a Destination

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Last month I shared that the growth of a business is capped by the growth of its leadership.  I want to take another step with that line of thinking.  Many persons I meet in leadership feel that they have arrived at the pinnacle of their leadership when they become the CEO/CFO/COO or Managing Director of a business, not being able to go any further in that business.  Their “arrival” signals mentally the limit of their growth, and as such they tend to take the foot of the accelerator and start to cruise, or worse apply the brakes to their growth. 

But leadership is not a destination; it is a journey. The journey should only stop for a leader when they are no longer breathing.  There is opportunity still within the business for it to grow, and for impartation into others in the business.  As such the leader must continue to grow and develop to ensure the business and others grow with them.  Who is to say that another bigger business is not just around the corner for them to grow into? 

The changing landscape is another aspect of the journey.  As I shared last July, Leadership takes time and effort on a daily basis, and there is always something different to face and deal with.  Change is inevitable and leaders must keep learning and extending themselves to be adaptable and knowledgeable to move with the times.  A true leader has the desire to impart their experience to others around them, even in retirement.

As a leader, don’t be complacent and rest on your successes, believing you have arrived. You haven’t.  Continue to grow; not just yourself but those around you and everything you are involved with.  Continue to grow, and make a difference.

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