Leadership Requires Persistence and Perseverance

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I don’t know about you, but for me, I have to keep working at being a Leader. I am yet to come to a point in my life where it magically aligns and I don’t have to work and persist at leading those around me. It would be great if we all got it right the first time, but as a human being with emotions, thoughts, and imperfections, dealing with fellow human beings, we are sometimes likely to need several attempts at working with those around us. But the key here is, that as Leaders, we don’t give up.
Persistence is one of the many key qualities of a Leader. If we don’t succeed initially, we try again, … and again, … and again. Our persistence can be seen by those around us as sometimes annoying, or maybe endearing because they can see we care. We continue to keep trying because we want the most desirable outcomes, we want to see people succeed, and we want to know we gave it our best. Persistence in its simplest form is not giving up while there is still hope for a better conclusion.
But sometimes we have to dismount the dead horse. Circumstances or the associated people may make it impossible to proceed down the path we are taking and gain any ground. But leaders usually don’t stop there; I know I don’t. Our persistence kicks in again to find a work-around or another path to take to achieve a similar or a better result. I find a better horse or another mode of transport.
I want to encourage you today, that if your circumstances seem difficult, or you seem to have found a solid wall that does not want to shift, to keep persisting. Maybe not to the detriment of your health, or your relationship with others, but take a step back, see if the path you are on is still viable, or find another pathway under, over, or around to achieve the necessary outcome. A pathway through may be a necessary course if all else fails, but in these circumstances, it is usually to the detriment of others and should be the last resort as a Leader.
If those we lead see our tenacity and drive to keep going and get things done, achieving the best possible outcomes, then they may respect us a little more, and take a page from our book and try a little harder themselves. Always be an encourager and always keep pushing ahead; persevere in your leadership, and maintain your determination to take others on the journey with you.

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